Thursday, January 19, 2012

WA BK 11 CH 09 CH10

So, I was working along putting each of the individual chapter files into the final integrated book. Chapters 0 - 8 went pretty smoothly, with just some touching up here and there. Then, I hit 9, and it was just nowhere near ready to be in the book.

Chapter Nine started out as sort of a dump where I stuck in plot elements that I would need to link one part of the story to another, and to pace the book so that the stuff that happens in Chapters 10-13 doesn't seem rushed. Because there were so many strings and different pieces, when it came time for the final edit, it was a mess. And honestly, it's more of a character development piece, and sets up several characters for their ultimate destiny. I'll have to go through it again because on re-read, I think it gives away too much.

I am really liking the character of Averill Lear. She is a complete weasel, and she is very subversive. I am pleased that her character is working out. Much better than I thought when I initially generated these chapters.

Chapter 10 had to be completely restructured. It's a crucial chapter. It's sort of the payoff for things that build throughout Chapters 1-9, and it sets up the main action for Chapters 11-17. The whole book hinges on it, so it has to be done right. I think I'll need another pass or two before I am satisfied.

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