Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book 11 Themes and Stuff

About a week ago, I was still really foggy on the plot of Book 11. I had a clear idea what I needed to accomplish, it needs to bridge everything that happened in the Perseus Quadrant while Pegasus was incommunicado to everything that will happen in Book 12, where everything... and I do mean everything... wraps up. But 200 pages of exposition would be boring. I had kick-ass plot ideas for the last third of the book, but I didn't have an idea what to do with the first part.

Now I have a pretty good outline for the main plot, and from this outline the, sort of, theme emerged. Like, Book 09 was about eternal mysteries and how Governments abuse power in times of crisis, and Book 10 was about capitalism, pornography, and Shakespeare, Book 11 will be, I think, about people making plans and being thwarted before their plans can be realized.

Basically, [spoiler alert], the crew will find that they have been ordered to return to the Perseus Quadrant, and Pegasus is to be decommissioned. The A storyline will focus on various characters planning on what they will do now that Pegasus is ending its mission, especially on David Alkema. Plans will be made for new lives after Pegasus.

And then, something catastrophic will happen, rending all of their plans moot. Because life does that to you. You make plans, God laughs in your face.

And that's the theme of Book 11.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Chapters, Little Chapters

Since I went with a smaller number of extra-long chapters in Book 10, I'm think of shaking things up a bit in Book 11... lots of short chapters. Just to shake things up. Book 11 is gonna be curious, because most of what's in it is exposition, what's happened while Pegasus has been out of contact with the rest of the galaxy. The action only really kicks into gear about 2/3rds of the way through.