Thursday, April 8, 2010

And Why I Cut That Last Bit

I cut it because it was unnecessary. As Book 10 evolved, the Shakespearean action became more and more peripheral to the central story. And the piece I cut was one of the few remaining bits directly adapted from a Shakespearean play, but which had none of the main WA cast involved in the scene. It was an outlier. It contributed nothing to the plot and broke the rhythm of the story.

I debated cutting another long sequence today because it introduces a character who basically does nothing in Book 10 and is kind of peripheral to the plot. At present, I am leaning on leaving it on because the character in question is one of the Gethsemane refugees, and one of the subtexts of the books is how the Geths are integrating with the rest of the crew. At this moment, I am inclined to leave it in, but it may still fall to the knife in the final round of editing.

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