Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Jellin'

I haven't posted in a while because progress on Book 10 has been pretty slow; mainly because of external life events. I was offered a new job, but then my employer offered me a raise and promotion to stay. So, I stayed, and it's been busy as Hell these last few weeks. Also, on the homefront, an adoption placement fell through. I'm also working on a deal to buy a farm in Michigan. So, there's been much more going on than usual. Also, I was dating for a while, but that kinda didn't work out. :-(

But also, part of the problem was the Shakespeare-meets-Adam-Smith-meets-Long-Dong-Silver matrix of Book 10 just wasn't jelling as well as I thought it would when I started out. I thought the parodies of Twelfth Night, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night's Dream were just falling flat. Lots of Shakespearean references, of course, but making references to Shakespeare in and of itself was just not funny; like those lame Wayans brothers movies where they think all you have to do to get a laugh is act out a scene from another movie with some slapstick.

I was seriously thinking of abandoning Book 10 and going straight to Book 11, when just this weekend, I got an idea that I thought might tie things together; a Serenity/Firefly homage with Keeler in the role of Mal Reynolds and a rag-tag crew of fighters, with Eddie Roebuck in the place of Shepherd Book and Dr. Skinner in the role of Simon Tam. Most of the other roles will be filled by new characters.

The tavern scene in Chapter 4 really came together when the River Tam character began kicking everybody's ass. I think this just might work.