Monday, January 26, 2009

First lines of Book 10

"Naked, wet, and furious, Commander William Keeler slapped the COM panel on the wall outside his hygiene pod."

(I'm actually well into chapters 1,2, and 3 but just composed those first lines over the weekend. Makes a nice mise-en-scene to set the tone for the next book.)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book 10, figuring out the science

As I am almost sure I have writed earlier, Book 10, Eventide, combines economic themes with homages to Shakespeare. I am actually think the book might be constructed as a series of short stories that combine to make an arc, and there might ... *might* ... be some Chuck Dickens and Jane Austen thrown in for good measure.

The key plot device in Book 10 is the Anything Box, which I conceive as a kind of device that rearranges matter into objects based on a pre-defined template. Those who control the anything boxes control the planet's economy. And I have been thinking about the implications of this. (Also, how big is an Anything Box and what does it look like?)

As I have imagined this planet's society... 22,000,000 million inhabitants spread across an archipelago of 13,000 islands... I am orienting the story toward the control exercised by those who control the anything boxes. Some Ayn Rand themes - along the lines of "Anthem" -- are under consideration.

I can't help but think it topical. With the Government preparing to spend trillions of dollars on "stimulus" and states lining up with their arms wide open our government is trying to make itself into an anything box.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Initializing Book 10 Writing Mode

One of the things that happens in Book 10 is the Kariad are revealed.

I had originally envisioned the Kariad as renegade Aurelians, who had rejected their culture’s goal of subjugating and exterminating humanity and who were instead trying to help. Unfortunately, their well-intentioned interventions invariably fail.

I am thinking about decoupling the Kariad from the Aurelians, and portraying them more in the manner of a Star Trek: TOS type of super-powerful alien intelligence (“You are to us, as an amoeba is to you,” that sort of thing.)

We’ll see where it goes.

I also have to think of a funky way for them to talk.

Aside from that, Book 10 is going to be a mélange of economics, Shakespeare, and pornography. I know those are the key plot elements, but the actual plot is still taking shape. It may end up sort of like Book 5, where there isn’t really a plot, just a lot of stuff that happens.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Done, It's Up, I'm Gonna Play Some Halo

Worlds Apart Book 09 is on-line now. For some reason, the Word version opens in "View Markup" mode" so you'll have to close that if you download the Word version. And, naturally, it'll be lodid with speling errurs and typos because I don't have a person to double-check those. But I think it's a pretty good read, and there's parts that made me LOL when I did the last read-through, so I hope you like it.

Pages - 209
Words - 80,759
Characters (no spaces) - 387,494
Characters (with spaces) - 467,906
Paragraphs - 2,795
Lines - 7,329

Friday, January 2, 2009

Do you want it fast, or do you want it good?

I wanted to have Book 09 posted yesterday. The good news is, I finished writing it yesterday. I went to bed at 2:00 am New Year's Day thinking I was finished, woke up a few hours later and realized I still had three loose ends to tie up.
  • Eliza Change, Matt Driver, and Kyle Atlantic had to have a conversation at the end to book end their conversation at the beginning.
  • There were two new characters who had to have their fates settled.
So, instead of putting the book together New Year's Day, I spent New Year's Day writing about four new pages to wrap that stuff up, and then re-writing and cleaning up the last chapter (which also involved coming up with cat-like things to for Queequeg to say.) Also, designing cover art, (which looks really cool, IMHO).

So, today I am putting the book together. I am proofreading and editing as I go, and I find myself rewriting or correcting about one in every twelve sentences. So, I expect to finish this weekend, but I am disappointed in myself for not finishing it by the end of 2008.