Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Writing is Rewriting

Back to re-writing the early chapters of Book 09, taking them from first draft to second draft stage. It's a good way to stay productive when I'm not feeling inspired.

And it isn't that I'm not feeling inspired, my mind is just wandering forward and filling in a lot of the background details on, for example, certain alien races and the technology they will use 'round about Book 11.

Another thing that occurred to me is that in Book 11, Pegasus is going to require an extensive refit and overhaul, including engine upgrades. I did not, in my original imagining of the ship, take into account the need for engine replacement. An engine refit on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier takes two years and involves cutting the hull open. I imagine the same process would be necessary on Pegasus. I could edit retroactively and say that the ship was designed all along for easy engine swap-out, or I could make the upgrades take the form of modular add-ons to the existing design, but that seems like cheating.

I have a long time to worry about that, though.

In the mean-time, I keep pushing forward.