Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post #84

Taking a break from Gethsemane to work on the long-awaited third part of Hellfire. I've cleaned out some of the pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo to make it back into the straight-up zombie story I wanted to do originally.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post #82

I've been working on the part of Book 09 that deals with what really happened to Phil Redfire and Halo Jordan in Book 06. I had only envisioned it as a straightforward story of capture and escape. But then I realized, that would be boring. So, I struggled with how to make it more interesting. So, it's still a story of capture and escape, but with some twists.

The hardest part was figuring out a plausible way for them to escape. I didn't want their alien captors to be dumb. I didn't want their escape to be implausible. I found a way that I think works, it has a basis in technology that was established in previous books. But, anyway, that opened up another can of worms. Once they get out of the cage, then, what happens? I couldn't just have them find weapons lying around all over like in Halo. Like I said, aliens ... not supposed to be dumb.

Redfire and Jordan were being held captive with an Aurelian. That was one of the ideas that had been kicking around, and when I finally figured out how they escape, it opened up another line of narrative. Who is this Aurelian? What is his back-story? (Short Answer: His name is Corvus, He is an Ace of Wands, he has lived his entire life on the megasphere but he is descended from colonists of the planet Park Ji-Yeon that was conquered by the Aurelians, and he is fanatically devoted to the Aurelian cause.) But it also opens up this intrigue of whether Jordan and Redfire are being held on an alien ship, or an Aurelian ship and Corvus is a plant to gain their trust. At this point, that idea is a door that just opened up, and I don't know if it leads to a dead end, or something I can use.