Friday, August 31, 2007

Teh Joy of Rewriting

All the chapters of Book 8 part I are in final draft and I've begun the progress of integrating them into a single book.

I've always preferred the rewriting to the writing. Getting through the first draft is too often just a process of laying down asphalt to get from one plot point to the next. It's only in the rewriting that I get to add in the character details, the background. You know, the fun stuff.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yes, There Will be a Book 08 Part III

It will be (for World's Apart) a very short story. (~10 pp), and it will be called "Cake or Death."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Am I Having Fun Yet? Answer: Yes

In the last few pages of Book 08, I've managed to write-in a brief MST3K parody that is the most fun I've had writing this adventure. I only hope it works for everyone else, too.

Book 08 Part III?

For the submission to Residential Aliens, I am kicking around the idea of doing another short story within the context of Hellfire. This would take place on the Fallon colony, and would follow what Keeler and the others were doing during the 'Island' storyline that makes up Book 08 Part II.

At one time, Hellfire was just going to be a quick novella. But it insists on metastasizing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God Does Not Want You to Read Book O8

While doing a periodic back-up from thumb drive to laptop last night, I somehow inadvertently copied old Worlds Apart files over new ones. Upshot was a month's work, including the final revisions to Book 08 and notes for books 9, 10, and 23, was destroyed.

Fortunately, I was able to find a file recovery program that restored the over-written files. It cost me $40. But none of the freeware programs could do the job. Still, instead of finishing Book 08, I spent the day trying to recover files.

This is the second time the files for Book 08 have been lost. It's like Somebody doesn't want it read.

The Homestretch

Into the last chapter of Book 08 Part I. Last chapters are always slow going. I'm trying to tie up the loose ends. For once, Queequeg isn't narrating. But, since there's still more to come on Book 08 after this, he can do that in Part II. Maybe he should narrate all of Part II.

Of Part II, I hadn't looked at it in weeks before yesterday, and I was kind of dreading it because from what I remembered, it was just a mash of disconnected idea with no unifying story or theme. As I read it again, I realized there is a mash of ideas, but most of them are pretty funny ideas. The problem was, I was trying to mash together every sci-fi island cliche I could think of into one story: Lost + The Prisoner + The Lord of the Flies + Fantasy Island + The Island of Dr. Moreau + The Most Dangerous Game + The Episode of Gilligan's Island Where the Mad Scientist Puts Ginger's Mind in the Body of Igor. It's all fun, but where does it take us? And my determination to center the story on minor characters also is a challenge, because now I have to figure out who these people are and stuff.

Also, it looks like work is going to get very busy over the next few months. Part II will probably have to wait until after the New Year before posting. :-(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nine Down, One to Go

Finished cleaning up the draft of Chapter 09 today of Book 08. If I can get through Chapter 10 tomorrow, I can begin integrating next week and have it on-line by Labor Day.

Note: I really hated killing off Jersey Partridge (Book 05), Halo Jordan (Book 06) and Paul Ironhorse (Book 06), but when trying to build suspense over the fate of a certain character, it doesn't hurt to have a reputation.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Question For Anyone Who Is Out There?

I am considering a submission to the Residential Aliens e-zine, and the three most likely ideas I have been kicking around are:
  1. A Queequeg-centric Pegasus story involving an alien intruder. OR
  2. A Goneril Lear-centric story (taking place after the events in Book 06) involving an encounter with a ship from another colony, on a mission similar to the Odyssey mission, with some political undertones. OR
  3. A Matthew Driver-Trajan Lear story covering some of the events in their "missing time" (Book 05) (the two years in the Chronos Universe).
I'm open to advice or suggestions.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Morning

Driving into work, I see a cat in the road, apparently hit by a car. I get closer, and I see the cat is holding his head up. He's still alive. I stop the car. Get out. Assholes behind me honking and gesturing. I take the cat into the car. Find a nearby open supermarket (at 6:30 in the morning) and ask for a phonebook. I call the nearest 24 hour emergency vet and get directions. Drop off cat, with business card. He's wearing a collar, so they think they can contact the owner. Still kind of shaken up by this.

I still can't get passed how rude other drivers were. I stopped to help an injured animal on a low-volume, residential street, and some assholes are pounding their horns. What the Hell is wrong with people?

Sorry for the rant. I'll try to get back to work now.

Update The owner called me in the afternoon. The cat has some broken bones, but has a pretty good chance of making it. Gotta tell ya, I was real nice to my kitties when I got home last night.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

And just when you think things are going fine, you come to a chapter that's a mess and you need to start over from scratch on because it's just... unsalvageable.

Weird Stuff

Book 08 is tracking well toward a Labor Day-ish completion date. The details are now the challenge. Things like figuring out how big a spaceship should be to haul 600,000 liters of Tritium.